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You are considering walking a road that has already been successfully embraced by 6,000 clients globally.  You are not alone!

Success for you will be determined by two decisions - choosing the most suitable technology and the right firm to deploy that product and train your staff.   We are confident that Worldox and Dox Advisors are the best decisions you can make for success.

Your path to look at Worldox is probably from one of the following scenarios:


Congratulations!  You have deployed the most widely deployed Document Management system in the world.  Your company understands what it means to have transitioned from a firm that is generally using Shares and folders alone to a firm that can readily store and retrieve any document created in the life of your firm.


We offer training for all Worldox programs.  You may request to have training at your location or you may schedule remote training.  We also offer self-paced instruction through