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Effortlessly manage your content - Worldox GX4's new Active Profiling® capability takes document and email management to the next level. The redesigned user interface and functionality enables your staff to save and retrieve content more efficiently than ever. The new one-click save option automatically profiles content for users. In addition, filing emails has never been easier since Worldox GX4 actively monitors incoming and outgoing emails, assigns client matter information and adds folders in Outlook that correlate to your Worldox Favorite Matters. The industry's largest copier and scanning companies such as Fujitsu, Canon, and Konica Minolta are taking advantage of GX4 technology that allows "one touch profiling" of documents into the Worldox repository. 

Effortlessly share & access

All new mobility tools allow easy and effortless document access when working remotely. Newly redesigned web and iOS apps has minimal learning curves and allow your to seamlessly continue your work from any location.  Worldox GX4 also facilitates effortless content sharing with connectors to industry standard applications like Citrix ShareFile and Legal Anywhere.

Effortlessly deploy

As firms have different needs, Worldox GX4 offers multiple options of deployment, leting you choose what works best for you. No matter which deployment option you choose, the user will experience the same intuitive new interface. Enjoy the benefits of SaaS computing with Worldox Gx4 Cloud or choose traditional on site deployment. You can also opt for a hybrid/Enterprise approach that allows our Cloud deployment server behind your firewall, giving you the speed of local data while providing all the valuable features to remote users and offices.





Worldox GX4 Redesigned with Active Profiling® technology for ease of use and automation. Effortlessly manage, share and access all of your digital content.