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DoxAdvisors has particular skills and tools in the area of converting current customers from other Document Management Systems to Worldox.

With a full conversion, your documents are fully profiled into Worldox meaning that you do not need a second 'Legacy' profile group with more limited searching capabilities.  This provides a much improved experience for your users and eases the transition to a more user friendly system, namely Worldox.

Due to the volume and variety of conversions that we have completed, we have developed tools that increase the quality and consistency for document conversions, which are typically extremely complex.  The stress during the critical time of the go live weekend is significantly reduced as a result of the dry runs that we perform to ensure everything is lined up correctly and will work.

The cost of doing the conversion is quckly recovered in the increased ease of finding documents and the fact that the users can get up to speed on Worldox much more quickly.

Speak to us today and we will be happy to provide an estimate on exactly what it will take to get you converted and freed up from your current system.

Upgrading your current Document Management System and the expenses are giving you pause for thought? Finding that your current solution is not providing the search capabilities you require or your users are not conforming to standards? Speak to us