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Bundledocs provides the facility to put order on the documents related to a matter in Worldox, be they Briefs, Booklets or Document Bundles. 


Loved by both Paralegals and Attorneys, Bundledocs, among other things, allows the Paralegal to organize a set of documents in a logical fashion with appropriate sections.  The generated bundles can be stored on your SONY Digital Paper or printed.  This provides an ordered set of information to an attorney attending a Mediation meeting or also for document production.  The exhibits for a particular court appearance could be organized in appropriate sections.

Bates stamping is also available along with switches to turn off and on individual documents and various sections.  Bates stamping for production can be done 'in house' with much faster turn around times and reduced expense.  If there are changes, a new document can be regenerated with updated numbering saving re-scanning time and the cost of printing.

Any business needs repeatable processes to ensure quality and efficiency.  Bundledocs promotes this by the use of Templates.  These can be produced once and serve as the starting point for future Bundles.  This means that a wide range of staff members can be proficient at producing quality documents very quickly.

The actual uses of Bundledocs are limited only by your imagination.

With the integration between Worldox and Bundledocs that was developed jointly by DoxAdvisors and Bundledocs you are now able to leverage your powerful document management system using Bundledocs to provide the assembly mechanism.

Once assembled you can share your Bundle securely with a client or opposing counsel, providing a safe delivery mechanism.

Please watch the video below for an overview of the integration with Worldox.


How do I get started?

For a limited time, DoxAdvisors is offering free set up of the Worldox connector to Bundledocs along with free Bundledocs accounts so that you have zero up front costs. 
The only charges are $5 per bundle per month that you create.

Send an email today to   inquiry @ to arrange for installation or call us at 201-473-4040

Bundledocs provides the facility to put order on the documents related to a matter in Worldox.