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Worldox Products allows you to learn Worldox at your own pace through short videos which you can return to as often as you like.  There are several offerings available including Level 1 Beginner Worldox GX3, Level 2 Advanced GX3(available soon), System Administrator GX3(available soon). Level 1 Beginner GX4, Level 2 Advanced GX4(available soon), System Administrator GX4(available soon).

Mail Merge automated from within Worldox

"Our firm has been using the DoxMerge solution very effectively.  It promotes consistency and quality across our work products.  
All of our staff find it very intuitive and were comfortable using it on the day it was rolled out.  The fact that it is so tightly integrated with Worldox is a great bonus."
William T Cahill Jr,  Partner,    Cahill, Wilinski, Rhodes & Joyce, P.C.

Effortlessly manage your content - Worldox GX4's new Active Profiling® capability takes document and email management to the next level. The redesigned user interface and functionality enables your staff to save and retrieve content more efficiently than ever. The new one-click save option automatically profiles content for users.

Other Products

DoxAdvisors has particular skills and tools in the area of converting current customers from other Document Management Systems to Worldox.

With a full conversion, your documents are fully profiled into Worldox meaning that you do not need a second 'Legacy' profile group with more limited searching capabilities.  This provides a much improved experience for your users and eases the transition to a more user friendly system, namely Worldox.

Bundledocs provides the facility to put order on the documents related to a matter in Worldox.


Launch local Worldox searches from the best cloud based practice management system available today

Digital Paper from Sony, in conjunction with Worldox, gives you the power to annotate, share and save your documents - all from a handy, super-legible device that's light enough to carry anywhere!


Symphony Suite for Worldox® helps your firm process and manage electronic documents more effectively.